Homeowner / Resident Disaster Preparedness Training

Preparation for Natural Disasters comes BEFORE the storm!  

Here at DisasterSchool.com our mission is training both homeowners and disaster relief workers in resilency, readiness, and safety both before during and after a natural disaster strikes. Homeowner training is always free, and we will provide you with tools, and resources that are essential to preparedness.

Before a Disaster Strikes! is a prerequisite to all courses, and will offer the basic skills to prepare your home, family, and life for when and if a disaster unexpectedly hits.

The courses offered at DisasterSchool.com are custom made, written by subject matter experts, and audited annually to ensure our training is up to date with current standards.

Se habla español! 

Our courses are currently offered in English, and Spanish. 

Before A Disaster Strikes!




The Day After..

Safety in a Disaster Zone