Blue Roof Requirements & Gold Standards

Overhand Roll Edges of Plastic

You must overhand roll the edges of plastic TWO TIMES. Rolled battens should be used at the perimeter of the tarp, edges of the house, and where there is overlap. 

Plastic Extends 2 Foot Over Ridge

The plastic must extend at a minimum two feet (2′, 24″, .7 Meters, 61 centimeters) You must overhand roll battens where the plastic stops, be sure to carefully plan your cuts to be sure the tarp overlaps a minimum of two feet over the ridge.

Wind Batten Spacing

Battens should be spaced no further than 6′ apart, with 2″ hot dipped galvanized 8d-12d nails installed every 24″ on center.

We recommend saving a 5.5′ batten and using it as a measuring stick to quickly install battens spaced properly.

Batten Spacing Around Valley & Edges

Do NOT Batten the valley! Battens should not end or begin closer than 12″-18″ from the valley, ridge, and lower panels.

Cut & Seal Around Vents & Protrusions

Do NOT Tarp over vents, pipes, or other protrusions. Cut around the pipe, and seal vertically then horizontally around the base. Do not seal pipes, chimneys, vents, etc.

Identify & Mark Hazards

Holes and damaged areas under the tarp should be marked by applying spray paint as indicated in the video of a X with a Circle around it.